Update 2022.8.15.0

This page lists the content of the version 2022.8.15.0.

Added features

  • You can now collapse the ribbon default bar, to use less space, like in Microsoft Office. When you click a tab, the content will appear in a flyout and will disappear when you activate another control. Double-Click again on a ribbon tab to make it back to its full size.
  • Double-clicking the Custom Html Part on a page will open the editor dialog.
  • You can now toggle the global search bar visibility (in the application main window title bar), see the Application settings dialog.
  • You can now edit your custom dictionary words, see the Application settings dialog > Authoring experience.
  • You can now easily switch to another PageFabric instance using the View tab > Swap window button.
  • You can now wrap a Part in a Stack area using the Wrap Part button in the Home ribbon tab.
  • You can now press the Enter key to start editing text Parts on the page, instead of having to double-click these kind of parts.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a visual bug when applying the application color to the title bar, it was still visible when opening the Backstage view.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Ribbon selected tab indicator to disappear in some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an application crash when closing the main window.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause application crash when using the "beautify" button in the Custom Html Part editor.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when building a website, when a target file already exists.
  • Fixed the "6 images gallery (2 rows of 3 images)" Part.

Changed behaviors

  • The button to refresh the website explorer panel has been moved to the context menu.
  • Ticks have been added to the ribbon tools menus for better understanding of what options are activated.
  • Cards container style options "Layout", "Number of columns" now support live preview.
  • Added syntax coloration to Custom Html Part editor.
  • The editor night mode experimental feature has been removed and replaced by a new option in the View ribbon tab called Switch editor background which does the same thing.

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