Create beautiful websites without coding a line.

PageFabric is a free static Website editor for Windows 10. You can create amazing Websites without having to code anything. Your Websites will look great on desktop and on mobile without extra work.

Create great websites without coding.

Visual editing

Simply add visual elements on your pages.

Customize visual properties to make your page more personal.

Millions of possibilities out of the box.

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Responsive design

Don't worry about mobile users! Your website will render perfect on all devices. All our components are meticulously crafted to fit our designs and all our layouts.

Native multilingual

Target the whole world with the native support of multilingual pages and the integrated translator.

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Create faster.

The duo mode

Create faster with the duo mode. See two pages at the same time to check consistency or easily copy/paste elements from page to page.

Magic Fill

Create your prototypes and layouts faster by creating just one element and duplicating it by drag and drop to fill the container.

Mosaic Shuffle

Create beautiful image and color mosaics in a simple click.

Use the Cloud to search beautiful images using simple keywords.

Do more. Simply.

Quick website publication

Quickly generate your HTML files and publish them using any FTP client software.

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Dynamic data connectors

Easily bind your pages to your own Json Rest API and build portions of pages dynamically.

SEO validation before publication

Review your pages before you deploy to eliminate potential 404 errors and make sure your SEO will be good enough.

All is in Design.


Inspired by the Microsoft Grand Classique used in Windows 7. Headings are thin and boxes are flat.

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Inspired by Fluent Design, the lastest design from Microsoft, used in Windows 10 and next major products. Headings are bolder and various elevation effects are applied.

Let's not forget the beautiful Acrylic effect.

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Inpired by Material Design from Google.

It is used across various Google products, and of course Android!

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