Help and training for PageFabric

Quick start

Discover the UI

Get a quick overview of our UI.

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Create a new website

Start creating your new website with PageFabric.

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Learn shortcuts

Use PageFabric like a pro with the keyboard shortcuts.

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Visual themes

Build beautiful websites with consistent themes from PageFabric.

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Stay up to date

See the latest changes we've done to PageFabric.

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The basics

Create visually

Use our easy visual designer to create beautiful pages without coding.

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Layouts and templates

See how you can use different layouts and templates in PageFabric.

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Cookie consent popup

Activate the cookie consent popup to respect the GDPR European laws.

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Working with Parts


Cards are a special way to present content in beautiful containers.

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Create beautiful mosaics to make your website more modern.

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Add images to your pages to make more visual content for your visitors.

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Add videos to create more dynamic web pages.

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Navigation menus

Add reusable menus to all your pages.

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Data tables

Add data in tables that adapt to all screens.

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Group data using tabs.

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Present your data with beautiful charts.

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Add beautiful carousels to add more dynamism to your pages.

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Organize your content in collapsible groups.

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Shared parts

Create your custom parts once. Use them across multiple pages. Modifications will be reflected on all pages.

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Integration with other services

Add Disqus comments to your website

Get great community features by integrating the Disqus widget on your pages.

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Track your visitors and improve your SEO

Integrate Google Analytics to your website to track visitors and improve your SEO.

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Premium features

Website SEO validation

Check your website before you publish it, avoid 404 errors and improve your SEO.

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Content Lens

Improve your content and SEO easily with integrated content analysis.

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Custom styles

Apply custom styles on several parts, such as borders, corners, and more.

Automatic image alternative text using AI

Get more productivity by using AI to generate images alternative texts.