Adding videos

Note: Video preview is not supported in the designer.

To add a video on a page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add circle button at the place you want to add the video
    Select an element on your page, then click the Insert > Insert part before (or Insert part after depending on where you want to add the video)
  2. In the Insert part popup, navigate to Media and select the Video part
  3. Once the video is added to your page, go to the Video options ribbon tab, then click Select sources to select the different source files to use

Style and layout options

By default, video will take 100% of page content width.

If you want to override this feature:

  1. Select the Styles and layout panel on the right of the window
  2. Select a size in the Video size section
    The video will still be responsive as its max-width is still 100% of the content width

Part properties

Here is the list of properties that you can tweak in the Part Properties panel:

Part Id
The Id of the Part on the page (must be unique)
Custom attributes
Custom HTML attributes that you want to add to the video tag
Show controls
Specifies whether you want to display native player controls
Auto play
Specifies whether you want the video to start when page is loaded
Specifies whether you want the video to play in loop
Specifies whether you want to turn off the sound by default
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