Update 2022.5.30.0

This page lists the content of the version 2022.5.30.0.

Added features

  • You can now add words to the custom dictionary using the spell checker popup.
  • You can now use Peek to preview pages from hyperlinks.
  • New part: Anchor, helps you create hyperlinks to a specific place on a page.
  • You can now display paragraphs and text layout hidden symbols (Display > Paragraphs).
  • Web Packages can now embed script intellisense data.
  • Web Packages can now embed font references.

Fixed bugs

  • Custom style editor now shows correct styles in preview area.
  • Localization sometimes failed if you were using specific language (not "auto"). It's now fixed.
  • In the past, dropdown controls in the Ribbon sometimes broke the ribbon. It is now fixed.
  • The "tooltip visibility duration" bug is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Text Style feature to remove the selected text in some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug in Web Packages extraction that was caused by antivirus file locks. The drawback may be a longer build time.
  • Fixed a bug that appeared when trying to use an online image for Open Graph illustration.
  • Fixed a bug that occured when switching tabs in Duo mode.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to drag and drop parent elements on their own children, resulting in a broken DOM operation and disappearing elements.

Changed behaviors

  • It is no longer required to restart the application to switch UI theme.
  • The dark theme has been slightly modified.
  • Improved visual editor usability.
  • Code files now open in the main window, like pages.
  • Modified the insert Part popup position calculation.
  • Improved status bar buttons behavior.
  • Improved scrolling behavior for touch devices.
  • Full screen mode has been temporarily disabled. We are working on a better version for touch devices.

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