Web Packages for your websites

Web Packages are a very flexible way to add features to your websites in PageFabric without having to code.
Why we moved to this model? 

In previous versions of PageFabric, the core libraries were tied to the software, meaning that you had to wait for a new version of the software to update JavaScript core components, or just to fix visual issues in themes. We also wanted to add more flexibility and open our dev/design model to third party developers.

If you are a developer or a designer, you can read the technical documentation for building your own Web Packages.

Manage Web Packages for your website

To manage Web Packages for your website, go to the Website ribbon tab, then click the Web Packages button. The Web Packages manager then opens in a new tab. From here, you can search and download packages to add more features to your website.

Themes packages

You can download and apply new themes for your website using Web Packages. However, having multiple Theme packages at the same time may result in a very strange rendering.

Make sure you only have one Theme package on your website.

The default and official PageFabric themes are:

  • PageFabric.Themes.Fluent
  • PageFabric.Themes.Fabric
  • PageFabric.Themes.Material

Mandatory packages

Some packages are required to ensure that your website can work correctly. They are automatically installed when you create a new website in PageFabric.

You just have to leave them here and update them from time to time.

List of required packages:

  • PageFabric.Framework
  • PageFabric.Dependencies.*

Important: Deleting a required Web Package may result in the malfunction of your website once deployed. If you delete one of them by mistake, don't worry, you can easily download them back from the Packages Manager tab (see above).


All Web Packages are checked by Antivirus solution before being pushed to the Store.

Some packages are marked as Trusted Content, which means that the editor is known to be serious and to provide great quality content.

Once published, Web Packages are digitally signed to avoid unwanted modifications.

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