Using Disqus on your website

Disqus is a worldwide known comments plugin that helps people around the world add their comments on various websites and blogs.

You can easily integrate this module on your PageFabric website.

Go to Disqus

Note: The Disqus script is linked to the Cookie Consent feature. If your visitor rejects the Social cookie section, the Disqus script will be disabled and visitors won't be able to use this module.

Create a Disqus account

  1. Go to the Disqus website
  2. Click the Get Started button
  3. Fill the sign up form
  4. Choose the pricing plan you prefer (a free subscription is available)

Configure your PageFabric website

To configure your website, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Website settings window (Website tab)
  2. Go to the Other Settings section
  3. Fill the Disqus Shortname field with the one indicated in your Disqus Settings panel (see capture below)

web site, website, internet site, site, oscilloscope, scope, cathode-ray oscilloscope, CRO

Add the Disqus Part on your pages

The Disqus Part is located in the Social section of the Insert Part dialog.

There is no preview in the editor. The Disqus module will load only when your website is published.

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