March 2021 Update

Hi everyone! Welcome to the March 2021 update for PageFabric.
The version is now 2021.3

Added features

  • Material Design is now available.
  • Page templates are now available.
  • Added sounds reacting to some actions in the UI, you can disable sounds in the application settings window.
  • Added an option to insert an extract from another page of the same website.
  • Added quick preview on various style options (background colors, table themes, page background), just move the mouse over the options to see the result before you apply the options (like Office).
  • You can now save multiple pages when you close the application.
  • Added a Skype Meet now button to collaborate when your create your website.
  • New feature in SEO Pack: Automatic hyperlink refactor after you rename a file from the website explorer panel.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a bug that caused connectors editor dialog fail to retrieve connector fields because of SSL certificate validation error.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when trying to uninstall an extension.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred after renaming a folder in the website explorer panel.

Changed behaviors

  • Smooth scrolling has been disabled due to a performance issue on very high DPI screens. The option will be added back in a future release, it will be an opt in option.
  • The page keywords box has been changed in the Page Properties panel.
  • Improved application dark theme rendering on various screens.

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