January 2021 Update

Hi everyone! Welcome to the January 2021 update for PageFabric.
The version is now 2021.1

Added features

  • Now you can easily open and edit a page from an hyperlink. Right click on a button or hyperlink > Open and edit the targeted page.
  • Added a button in the Website review screen results to open a page directly.
  • New Parts: Mosaic Container and Mosaic Tile.
  • You can change horizontal navigation content alignment.
  • You can now select animations for tabs Part.
  • Design Pack: Added Magic Fill feature for Cards.
  • You can now change the Hierarchy breadcrumb position.
  • You can now add an image as a Card background.
  • You can now define an overflow text for horizontal navigation menus.
  • Added Paste Special to control the position of paste operation.
  • SEO Pack: Added possibility to add Open Graph tags on pages when you publish your Website.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a bug that caused designer elements borders were not showing correctly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused paste operation to put content outside of container instead of inside.

Changed behaviors

  • Polished the UI and fixed some inconsistencies.
  • Vertical navigation now shows the menu title when collapsed on mobiles devices.
  • Vertical navigation now support items with button style.

For developers/designers

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