December 2020 Update

Hi everyone! Welcome to the December 2020 update for PageFabric.
The version is now 2020.12

Added features

  • Community hub to send comments and report bugs.
  • Added spellcheck support for various languages: NL, PT, DE, IT, EN-GB.
  • Added 6 columns layout option for cards container.
  • Added shortcut to switch active tab in workspace.
  • Added options to duplicate and move selected element more easily (Ribbon > Layout Tab).
  • Added demo website on the start screen.

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a bug that caused the website analysis to fail in certain conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused generated website to miss some Javascript resources.
  • Fixed a bug that caused duplicated connectors may not be saved.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Tabs Part to fail working correctly.
  • Local server didn't serve pages where names contained accented characters.
  • Windows taskbar jumplist Open command was not correctly translated in English.

Changed behaviors

  • Polished the UI and fixed some inconsistencies.
  • Added some error messages for file operations.
  • Added various messages in empty lists for better UX.
  • Updated Page Layout dialog.
  • Changed font for mobile devices on Fabric and Fluent.
  • Updated the background color picker for Boxes and Cards.
  • Telemetry and Privacy settings are now available.
  • Connectors are now listed by name in the Connectors list dialog.
  • Menus are now listed by name in the Menus list dialog.
  • Improved UI rendering on High DPI screens.

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