Privacy terms with PageFabric

Last update : Monday, April 25, 2022.

Application general usage

What we collect

We collect some data about your usage of PageFabric.

We collect:

  • Number of times you use several features
  • Number of crashes and technical details about crashes
  • Session duration in minutes

None of the collected data can help identify you or your family/friends.

No personal data is gathered.

No information is sold or shared with anyone.

How we use it

Usage telemetry helps us create a better product. If we see many users trying something and undoing it just after, it means we had a bad approach.

How long we keep data

We keep telemetry data for 28 days.

Telemetry data is stored on Microsoft Azure cloud, and may be stored in foreign countries.

How you can change the settings

You can select the telemetry plan: Limited or Full. (Go to the Application Settings screen > Privacy).

  • Limited: Will only send us errors when you use the application.
  • Full: Will send us the usage stat and errors when you use the application.

About special features

Some special features may require a bit more information to work correctly.

They are not activated by default, and when you activate them, we ensure you agree with our privacy policy.