Create pages visually

PageFabric allows you to create beautiful pages very easily.

When you start with a blank page, you have multiple areas to fill with custom content (depending on the layout or template you select)

  1. Click the "Add content", "Select header" or "Select footer" buttons to start adding content in the different areas.
  2. The Insert Part popup opens.
  3. Select the part you want to insert (all part are editable, if you can't find exactly the one you want, select the one that looks like what you want, you'll be able to change it afterwards). You can type some words to filter the list.
    From this popup, you can also insert an extract from an existing page in the same website, or a screen capture of any currently running apps.
  4. Click the Insert button to add the selected part on your page.

When you already have parts on your page, the default buttons are there anymore. You can then add new part between existing one by moving your mouse in the space between them. When the  "+" circle button appears, it means you can click to add something here.

Reorder parts on your page

To move parts on your page, you can use the Layout tab in the ribbon.

  • The Up and Down arrows allow you to move the selected part one step up or one step down
  • The Move to top and Move to bottom buttons allow you to move the selected part at the beginning or the end of the parent

The movement of elements is always done relative to their parent.

Here's what happens when you use move actions on elements contained in a parent element.

All parts are made of nested elements.

You can easily navigate through them by moving your mouse over the breadcrumb above the designer area. Click to select an element and edit it.

Cut, Copy, Paste and Duplicate parts

Like any design application, you can easily cut, copy and paste your parts. Use the ribbon buttons or use the keyboard shortcuts to do such operations.

When you want to paste a part, keep in mind that the pasted element will be added below the selected one. It works the same when you duplicate parts.

You can use the Special Paste menu after right clicking on a part, it allows you to:

  • Force paste above the current selection
  • Paste inside the current selection (if the current selection supports nested elements)
  • Force paste below the current selection

The duplicate operation will create an identical element in the same parent, just after the selected part.

Paste formatting

When you want to apply the same style to another part, you can simply use the Paste formatting button in the ribbon.

  1. Select the part you want to copy style
  2. Click the Paste formatting button
  3. Click the target part you want to apply style to

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