Visitors feedback

Creating a beautiful Website is a thing, creating an interesting one is another thing. Is your content relevant for your visitors?

Now you can know if your pages are good enough with PageFabric.

We added the Visitor feedback part.

Cloud Services for PageFabric

This feature requires that you activate PageFabric Cloud Services for your site.

Learn more about PageFabric Cloud Services

See it live

Do it by yourself

  1. Open the User Feedbacks panel on the right side
  2. You may need to Register your web site to use the Cloud Services
  3. Drop a Visitor Feedback part on the page you want to get your visitors vote
  4. Publish your website
  5. Wait for your visitors to like or not your content
  6. Later, open your page in PageFabric and open the User Feedbacks panel to see the feedbacks stats

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