Create reusable shared Parts

When you create your website, you may have to put identical elements at several places (a download button, a specific message...), you also want not to have to copy the same content each time and have to edit tens of pages when you change it. It's called Shared Site Parts. They are located in the Parts Collection.

See it live

Do it by yourself

  1. Start by creating a block that you want to reuse on several pages, such as an introduction, a contact info block...
  2. Once it's done, right click on it and select Add to site custom parts
  3. Give a name to your reusable block
  4. It is now available in the Parts collection, in the Shared site parts section
  5. Open a page where you'd like to add this block
  6. Select the shared part in the Parts collection
  7. Drag and drop it to the place you want on the page

The part is now on your page, and you can add it to any other page of your site.

You can rename a shared part from the collection panel.

You can delete a shared part from the collection panel. Be aware that if you delete a shared part that is used on some pages, those pages won't work correctly. Make sure that you don't use the shared part before you delete it.

Note: When you double-click on a shared part, you enter the edit mode. Modifications will apply on all pages using this part.

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