Adding images

To add an image on a page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add circle button at the place you want to add the image
    Select an element on your page, then click the Insert > Insert part before (or Insert part after depending on where you want to add the image)
  2. In the Insert part popup, navigate to Media and select the Image part
  3. Once the image is added to your page, double-click it to open the media collection and select an image from your website assets or the online free images gallery.

Images rendering options

By default, images will take 100% of page content width.

If you want to override this feature (for smaller images for example):

  1. Select the Styles and layout panel on the right of the window
  2. Check the Respect original size option to preserve image original dimensions
    The image will still be responsive as its max-width is still 100% of the content width

Images optional properties

You can activate the zoom plugin by checking the option Zoom image on user click in the Element properties panel. When your visitors click the image, it will become bigger in the center of the page to see it fully.
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