Charts in PageFabric

You can add charts on your pages in PageFabric. Charts are editable directly in the application.

To add a chart on a page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add circle button at the place you want to add the chart
    Select an element on your page, then click the Insert > Insert part before (or Insert part after depending on where you want to add the chart)
  2. In the Insert part popup, navigate to Charts section and select the chart you want to add to your page

Edit chart data

To edit chart data, select the chart part on your page. Click the Chart tools > Edit chart data.

The Chart data dialog opens. Edit Label and Value columns. The chart updates accordingly. 

Quickly create a chart from a table

If your page contains a table with compatible column types, you can quickly create a chart by following these steps:

  1. Select your table
  2. Click the Table tools > Create a chart button

Ribbon commands

Here is the list of available commands in the ribbon when a chart part is selected.

Edit chart dataAllows you to edit the data used to render the chart
Save as imageAllows you to save the chart as an image on your PC

Style options

Here is the list of available style options for the chart parts.

Chart typeAllows you to choose the type of chart to display : pie chart, doughnut, bars, area
Fill colorAllows you to choose the background color of the chart
Color setAllows you to choose the colors for chart segments
Internal marginAllows you to choose the internal spacing of the chart element
External marginAllows you to choose the spacing outside of the chart element
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