Layouts and templates


If you want to change the page layout and add menus on the sides:

  1. Click the Layout > Change page layout button
  2. Select a layout in the Layouts dialog
  3. Click the Apply button

Content margins

If you want to change the content margins, do the following steps:

  1. Click the Layout > Content margins button
  2. Select the desired margins configuration

The several configurations relate to:

Note: Margins apply only to the middle part of the page. Header and Footer are always full page.

If you want to center content in the Header or the Footer, you must use a Box and apply a Box Width setting.

Page templates

When you manage a large website, you surely don't want to copy/paste UI elements on many pages. Each update would become a pain.

For this scenario, you must use page templates.

Note: When you apply a template to a page, the existing Layout and Margins settings will be overridden by the template ones.

Create a page template

To create a page template, you must start from an existing page.

  1. Create a new page (it will be deleted at the end of the process)
  2. Create the layout you want, with a header, menus and footer; Don't put any content because it will be set on your children pages
  3. Once you are satisfied with your layout, click Layout > Convert to template
  4. A dialog appears, where you have to set a name for the new template
  5. Your content page will be deleted

Apply a template to an existing page

If you want to apply a template to an existing page, follow those steps:

  1. Go to Layout tab > Change page template
  2. The page template dialog opens
  3. Select a template and click Select
  4. The page will be updated to reflect the new template usage

Modify an existing page template

To view and modify existing templates:

  1. Go to Website tab > Page templates
  2. The page templates dialog opens
  3. Select a template in the list
  4. Click Edit to open the template in a new editor window OR click Delete to delete the template
  5. After having edited the template, if the template is not updated in your content pages, click Layout > Refresh template

Note: If you delete a template that is used by one or more pages, they will not display correctly when published. Make sure to remove templates that are no longer in use.

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