Start a new Website with PageFabric

To create a new Website with PageFabric, follow those steps:

On the start screen, click the Create new website button.

Page 1, general settings

Provide general information about your new website, such as the public name, the base URL (you can leave it empty). In the More options section, you can select the local directory to store the files.

Note: Create a specific folder to store your website files.


  • D:\MyWebSite\
  • E:\my websites\Site1\


  • D:\
  • C:\Documents\

Note: Do not select a Cloud based directory to store your website files. The sync process locks the files and may cause PageFabric not to work properly. For example, avoid OneDrive\ or GoogleDrive\.

Page 2, appearance settings

Select the main appearance for your website. 

Page 3, color settings

Select the color theme for your website.

Page 4, language settings

Select in which languages your website will be available.

When you are ready, click the Create button.

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