October 2020 Update

Hi everyone! Welcome to the October 2020 update for PageFabric.
The version is now 2020.10

Added features

  • Added the possibility to copy a file path with the context menu on editor tab.
  • New button models.
  • New navigation menu bar models.
  • Horizontal navigation menus now support 1 level of sub menus.
  • You can now hide a navigation menu title. The option is in the Part Properties panel.
  • You can now set the Alt text of an image.
  • You can now set the text color for Inline text parts.
  • New Part : Stack panels (to stack items horizontally or vertically).
  • Website validation before publication.
  • New Website publication screen.
  • New global search and command bar.

Fixed bugs

  • You can now combine Acrylic effect (on boxes and cards) and background color. The background color will be used as a tint color of the Acrylic surface.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Select parent element feature not to work correctly.

Changed behaviors

  • Added various contextual help.
  • Bing image search is removed from context menu, you can find this feature in the ribbon > Image tools when you select an image on the page.
  • When you double click on a navigation menu that is not linked to a menu, the menu selector dialog will open, instead of the menu editor dialog.
  • The icon to expand an horizontal navigation bar in responsive mode is now a cross when the menu is opened. This helps the user understand how to close the menu.
  • Lot of CSS rework to make responsive websites cleaner.
  • Fixed some translation errors in the application for English language.

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