November 2021 Update

Hi everyone! Welcome to the November 2021 update for PageFabric.
The version is now 2021.11

Added features

  • Added the possibility to set an ID for all parts.
  • PageFabric Code is a new module that helps you add your own scripts to your website.
  • You can now add your own javascript functions to your website.
  • You can now delete a specific language for any page. Use this feature if you don't want a specific page or group of pages to be generated for a given language.
  • You can now select a color for each opened page in the editor. You can select the default color for all new tabs in Application Settings > Workspace.
  • PageFabric is now available in Italian.
  • PageFabric is now available in Polish.
  • PageFabric is now available in Portuguese. 
  • PageFabric is now available in Romanian.
  • PageFabric is now available in German.
  • You can now integrate Disqus on your pages.
  • You can now manage the Cookie Consent alert.
  • Added the possibility to add an image to horizontal nav menus.
  • Added the possibility to hide the icon image of horizontal menus on mobile devices.
  • We support an auto-redirect page for multilingual websites.
  • The ribbon has a new feature called Quick Access Toolbar, like Microsoft Office.
  • You can now select several video sources.
  • You can now tweak the video Part with more options.

Fixed bugs

  • After publishing your website, vertical menus were always expanded. It has been fixed. Only the path to current page is expanded.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the visual editor.
  • Fixed a bug that caused application crash in some conditions while typing a lot of text.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Move Part shortcuts to scroll the page in some conditions.
  • Fixed a bug that caused page columns to be in the wrong order when seen on mobile devices.
  • Fixed a bug that made possible to move elements that were locked by template.

Changed behaviors

  • The page language selector has been changed to be cleaner.
  • The ribbon tabs have been reordered: View is now before Help. Sorry for this habits changing but the previous version was not user friendly when we are used to use Word everyday.
  • The Development tools tab is now localized correctly.
  • The zoom commands are now in the View ribbon tab.
  • On Windows 11, the UI font is now Segoe UI Variable.
  • The Dev Tools ribbon tab is now always available and has no effect on the telemetry settings.
  • Mica texture is now by default on Windows 11.
  • Fixed the application title bar layout when resizing.
  • Webm files are now supported as video file format.
  • Jfif files are now supported as image file format.
  • Website publication options are now located in the Website settings dialog.
  • Improved website generation before running locally.
  • Parts that belong to the page template are now a bit shaded by default (you can turn off this feature in Application Settings > Editing experience)

For developers/designers

  • New API for adding custom scripts to your pages.

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