Update 2023.0.1.0

This page lists the content of the version 2023.0.1.0.

Added features

  • Added the new Project model.
  • Added the possibility to create PageFabric Standard Websites (name of the new static websites in PageFabric 2023).
  • Added the classical ribbon layout.
  • Added the new "Project settings" tab design (for Standard Websites only).
  • Added the new Parts Library panel.
  • Added the "Page Preview" dialog.
  • Added background dynamic textures for containers Parts.
  • Added clipping options for containers Parts.

Fixed bugs

  • None.

Changed behaviors

  • The word "Website" has been replaced by "Project" because PageFabric will support many types of projects.
  • The "Insert" ribbon tab has been replaced by "Design".
  • The "Layout" ribbon tab has been replaced by "Page".
  • The "History" feature is now enable for all new projects.
  • You can now undock side panels and dock them on the side you prefer.
  • Improved application dark UI.
  • Improved the UI when using the device view in the editor: detached the breadcrumb of selected Part, detached the scrollbar.

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