Update 2022.9.11.0

This page lists the content of the version 2022.9.11.0.

Added features

  • You can now use the Form Part.
  • You can now edit styles for the Box Part.
  • You can now add SVG images to your website assets.
  • Web Packages can now add styles to Parts.
  • When a button is selected in the editor, the targeted Url is now displayed in the status bar.
  • Content Lens now lists buttons with no destination page as errors to fix.
  • Content Lens icon in the status bar will change when warnings are found on the page your are editing.

Fixed bugs

  • Horizontal menus that have no item won't display the hamburger menu on mobile devices.
  • Closing the info bar under the ribbon sometimes executed the default click action, it is now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused editor texts not to be translated correctly.
  • Editing colors in the Website settings dialog > Appearance > Advanced area text boxes had no effect on the website theme, it is now fixed.
  • Fixed glitches in asynchronous operations that caused the UI to become unresponsive when building the website.

Changed behaviors

  • The customize QAT dialog now displays icons of currently selected commands.

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