Update 2022.6.12.0

This page lists the content of the version 2022.6.12.0.

Added features

  • The editor zoom level is back and now correctly implemented, it's not applying the responsive layout, it's scaling the page to be more readable.
  • You can now download a specific version of a Web Package from the application. It's useful to rollback to an older version if necessary.
  • Web Packages can now add suggestions for Parts Custom Attributes.
  • 10 new layout Parts are available (PageFabric.Framework Web Package must be updated).

Fixed bugs

  • Renaming a file did not change the Git sync status in the explorer, it's now fixed.
  • Updating a Web package sometimes made styles or script suggestions appear twice, it's now fixed.
  • Fixed a bug that caused SiteFunctions to be generated in the wrong order during website build.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Website settings dialog fail to save settings when activating the Git repository while not having selected a valid palette (a message is shown to select a palette before closing the dialog).

Changed behaviors

  • The Export website feature did include the build temp folder in the generated archive file, which was not necessary. This folder is now excluded from the archive file. 
  • Ribbon sub menus and popups now use Acrylic texture on Windows 11.
  • The website publish view will refresh automatically after the website is built, you won't have to close and reopen the view to update it.
  • The Meet Now button is no longer available.
  • When the application window size is too small, the global search bar is now hidden.
  • WordArts are now deprecated. We're focusing on the original spirit of PageFabric, bringing consistency to your website.
  • Text custom styles are now displayed using the quick preview thumbnail in the Text Styles ribbon button.

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