Windows Security and PageFabric

PageFabric is distributed using the Microsoft Store, that ensures that the software is not compromised during download. The software has been tested and validated during the Microsoft Store certification process. However, Microsoft does not provide any support for PageFabric because they are not involved in the development process.

Read and write access to your system

PageFabric requires some read and write access to your PC to work properly.

Be default, application have write access to the current user profile ("%userprofile%\AppData\Local").

Your application settings will be stored in "%userprofile%\AppData\Local\PageFabric".

When your launch the application for the first time, a new folder called PageFabric Websites will be created in the Documents Library.

In the latest versions of Windows 10, a new security feature can totally block access to this folder. When this feature is enabled, PageFabric can not access to the Documents Library. This will prevent the application from working correctly.

Microsoft .NET Updates

PageFabric is provided with the latest updates for Microsoft .NET.

As a best practice, always download and install Microsoft .NET updates from Microsoft Update (Settings > Windows Security > Updates).

Extensions for PageFabric

Extensions for PageFabric are external components that may be created by other companies/developers.

When you install and use an extension for PageFabric, be sure you trust the creator.

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