Using Mosaic layouts in PageFabric

Mosaics are a elegant way to mix images, colors and text. Contrary to the Cards containers, you can specify each Tile width. There is no space between Tiles. When viewed on a mobile device, all Tiles will have the same size and will be stacked vertically.

Using Mosaic container

The Mosaic container manage the Mosaic Tiles layout. It works like the Cards container and must be used as the primary container for Mosaic Tiles.

When the Mosaic container is empty, you can use the Mosaic Shuffle feature to generate automatically beautiful mosaics based on your images collection or from our great free online images gallery.

Using Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles is a floating tile that you must use in a Mosaic container. You can set width (in percent) of each tile to fill the Mosaic container, as long as you respect that each line represents 100% of parent width.

Here are some examples for combinations: 

  • 25%, 25%, 50%
  • 33%, 33%, 33%
  • 25%, 50%, 25%

For a more modern result, you can mix tiles with just a background color, an image, or a punchline with a call to action button.

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