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This article describes how to create your own service and use it with integrated search in PageFabric.

Service call definition

Your service will be called by the website with two parameters in the GET querystring:

The text that was typed by the visitor
The current page language; It should be used to give relevant results in the same language of your visitors; This value is the language you set in PageFabric (2 chars or 5 chars: en OR en-US)

This is an example or GET query that will be done:

Service result description

Your service must return a JSon feed that follow these specifications:

  1. It is a list of entities that represent results to the user's search
  2. Each result entity contains all those properties:

Property Name
The URL of the page, it can be absolute or relative to the current page
The title of the result page
The keywords that define the result page
The short description of the content on the result page

JSon feed example

This example will show 2 results after the visitor launches the search.

"url" : "/en-US/home.html", 
"title" : "Welcome to Fabrikam International", 
"keywords" : "","description": "Fabrikam is a worldwide company that produces great techs."


"url" : "/en-US/contact.html",
"title" : "Contact Fabrikam International",
"keywords" : "",
"description": "Contact a reseller near you."

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