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The Premium Edition is a one time buy. It's not tied to a version, you will have it forever.

All updates will be free.

You can activate the Premium Edition 3 times (useful if you have a second PC or if you change your main PC).

After 3 activations, you will have to buy a new license.

PageFabric Premium Early Access FAQ

What is the Premium Early Access edition?

PageFabric Premium Early Access is the name that is given to the first version of PageFabric Premium. It contains the first set of Premium features that the final edition will have.

Is it a kind of Beta?

No. PageFabric Premium Early Access features will be fully functional like the Standard edition.

Will I have to buy the Premium edition?

No. The Early Access edition is just the Premium edition with features coming by waves. When all the targeted features will be there, the name will just change to Premium edition. When you buy the Early Access edition, you already have the Premium edition.

What's the price of each edition?

The Early Access edition will be available at 19,99€.

When the Premium edition will be ready (all the mentioned features below) it will be available at 29,99€.

Why is the price different?

Because it doesn't have all the features at launch.

Also because the features available at launch may be less complete than what is targeted.

Is there any support?

Absolutely. The Early Access edition is a fully supported and functional software. You can contact the support to report problems or send suggestions to help improve the application.

In which languages will it be available?

It will support the same languages that are currently supported in the Standard edition: fr, en, es, pt, pl, ro, it, de.

PageFabric Standard


Offline work

Page templates

Website menus

Mozaic Shuffle

Duo Mode, work on two pages at the same time

Shared parts

Support for multiple website languages + spell checking + integrated translator service

Assisted visual conception with consistent design across pages

Page preview on different device sizes

Focus mode to concentrate on content

Website publication to local folder

PageFabric Premium


All Standard Edition features

Custom styles

Content Lens***

SEO validation

Use AI to generate images alternative texts

Open Graph cards editor

Search for hyperlinks

Automatic hyperlinks update after renamming a page

Bindable parts

All coming updates included and free

* Supported languages: cs, de, en-gb, en-us, es, fr, it, nl, pl, pt, ro.

** Translator needs Internet connection.

*** Several features require that you are connected to Internet.